Corporate Solutions Amazon SP-API

We, at, extend our specialized services to both non-Amazon and Amazon sellers who seek to leverage our expertise and connections for data retrieval from Amazon SP API and other sources, organization, manipulation, and presentation. While numerous use cases exist, we would like to outline a few key areas.
Reseller Websites:
If you operate a reseller website, engage in drop-shipping, or utilize a combination of these methods, staying abreast of online developments is crucial. Given Amazon's dominant market share across various product categories, aligning your product offerings and monitoring Amazon's prices can empower you to optimize your advertising expenditure and adjust pricing accordingly.
(a) If you advertise on platforms like Google, Facebook, or others, your ads are often seen alongside Amazon's results. In most cases, customers tend to favor Amazon for their purchases. Manually reviewing products daily and turning off ads might be a solution, but what if those products become unavailable on Amazon? Knowing when to reactivate ads becomes challenging.
(b) Obtaining timely information about price fluctuations on Amazon listings compared to your own pricing for hundreds or thousands of products enables you to maintain competitive pricing on your website, considering that customers often compare prices to what is offered on Amazon.
Our solutions cater to resellers by providing tracking, matching, and pricing adjustment functionalities, along with the capability to retrieve pricing information for a vast range of products on an hourly basis.
Brand Owners and Manufacturers:
Large brand owners participating in Amazon's vendor program or managing numerous resellers can benefit from tailored applications that keep them well-informed.
For brands available on Amazon in various regions (US, Canada, UK, Germany, etc.), understanding price dynamics is crucial. Identifying instances of Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) violations, monitoring which products are sold by Amazon directly versus third-party sellers, and determining the buy box ownership distribution are essential insights.
We cater to corporate clients by tracking pricing for thousands of products across different marketplaces, providing comprehensive reports encompassing pricing, sellers, product availability, buy box ownership percentages, and much more. Some brand owners even opt for minute-by-minute price fluctuation tracking, allowing for immediate adjustments in response to specific events.
Information for Other Services:
If your business provides additional services or develops applications that necessitate information about products sold on Amazon, we offer seamless integration with our Amazon API service. We provide API endpoints with single or batch requests, enabling easy access to the required data for integration with your existing IT infrastructure.
In Conclusion
Our team excels in extracting information from Amazon SP-API and can present it in your preferred format, be it through API endpoints, excel reports sent to your email, Google Docs spreadsheets, or CSV files to your FTP. We also offer supplementary information not directly available through the Amazon API.
As a boutique agency, we prioritize a direct and efficient approach to handling your requests. Your inquiries are channeled directly to our tech and accounting teams, eliminating the need for multiple support interactions.
Our team is here to assist you in optimizing your Amazon-related operations and extracting valuable insights to foster success in your business endeavors. For more information feel free to shout us an email at