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96 sellers decided to join Stripetail in the last week
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Research Tools

UPC Investigator

Every manufacturer/vendor has a list of products with UPC/ EAN codes which you can get from them.

You can upload the list into UPC Investigator to find matches on Amazon with buybox, number of sellers, fees, BSR and other information.

You can provide cost as an optional column and the tool will calculate profitability based on buybox prices and Amazon fees. Sort by margins and see profitable products to sell.
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ASIN Investigator

When you try to calculate product profitability it is often time consuming manually doing it through amazon calculator tool.

With ASIN Investigator, you can analyze profitability of various products efficiently.

Just upload a list of ASINs and obtain all necessary product information, including fees with 'ready-to-go' formulas.
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Seller Investigator

Whether you are new to online sales or have a few years of experience behind your back, you realize there are other folks just like you selling similar products in your industry.

Seller Investigator allows you to analyze your competitors' products by obtaining their product list from their front store with additional information.

Just go to the storefront of your competitor and supply a link at the bottom - within minutes you will get a list of product which would otherwise take you hours/days to do manually.
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Analytics Tools

Orders Summary

Orders Summary shows the live data on your Amazon sales as well as historical sales data (e.g. going back 2 weeks - 6 months) for each product.

This easy-to-use tool is tailored to help you make better purchasing choices: look at today's sales as compared to yesterday's, sort on sales to see your weak and strong products, easily see low or excess inventory, make price-changing decisions.

Orders Margins

Being a successful Amazon FBA/FBM seller is not always about dropping your price every time your competitor is doing so. Re-pricing can’t be done efficiently without understanding your gross margins.

This tool is perfect for re-pricing decisions and understanding your sales results. It shows you the whole picture of your margins in real-time. You can also sort on margins ($ or %) to see your most profitable and most loss-making products at the moment and in general.

Inventory Analytics

This is your inventory health-checking tool. It helps you quickly review your inventory to assess materiality of your products. Now you can make an educated decision whether to hold or get rid of large balances. Moreover, it alerts you of any existing stock problems – it will show your sales velocity in the last 14 days and 30 days with suggestions if you stock is at critical levels and require restocking. Watch video to learn how it will make your Amazon business more deliberate.
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Seller Tracker

If you want to track new products that other sellers offer on their storefronts, use this tool.

Once you provided a seller link, Seller Tracker will generate initial list of current ASINs and going forward will notify you when this seller starts selling new products. You can review a full list of ASINs which were sold by the seller since the time you started tracking. You can turn ON/OFF email notifications for some or all sellers to receive daily reports.

Stock Tracker

At times when researching for new products or a new niche, you need to understand the price movements and the behavior of different sellers within a period of time.

Stock Tracker will get daily information about each seller, their stock and selling prices. This is a resource intense process, so there are strict limitations on the number of ASINs you can track at the same time. However, you can always delete or pause an ASIN. This tool is normally used for ASIN research & analysis, or it can be used to see MAP violators.

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Brand & Keyword Search in Bulk
When doing research on a keyword or a brand, or a keyword of a certain brand, you can manually copy-paste from a browser top results.

Alternatively, Brand & Keyword Search will pull listings automatically with necessary product information including fees with 'ready-to-go' formulas. If you need a specific brand - fill in a brand and leave second one blank. If you need a keyword - enter a keyword and leave brand box blank. If you need a keyword for a brand - fill in both boxes. This tool is really useful when a 'brand' or a 'keyword' returns 100s of listings.
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For large and commercial clients, we can assist in developing custom tools.

Some examples: MAP trackers, high-volume BuyBox tracking on different Amazon markets, violation notifications, price changes notifications, automatic fetching of vendor files with listing matches, scheduling and exporting Orders/Sales/Advertising reports; updating information as frequently as required - daily/hourly/every minute. From a volume perspective we can handle millions of records.
About Us
Our team created and continues to create additional tools to make your life simpler so you can be more effective while going through zillions of lines of data.

Our tools are used by seven digit sellers as well as small sellers. We offer standard plans that are really affordable as compared to the amount of hours you save by not doing manual research.

Honestly, manual research will not get you too far. You need to use automated tools - otherwise you will go crazy. Stripetail is a MUST have app for Amazon sellers. It will save you thousands of dollars whether you do research yourself or use virtual assistants.
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